There are a variety of styles and types of pontoon boats that are out there for sale, I will start with the more popular type, sometimes called the party boats. These types can range from anywhere, from 10 to 30 feet in length, and they can serve multiple purposes. These are the types of used pontoon boats that I cover in many of the posts on the blog, simply because they are the most popular out of the family. I have said that they can be used as party boats, fishing boats, family day trips, swimming, water sports, you name it, they can be used for it. The only disadvantage is that you cannot take them out into the ocean, the way that the pontoon boat is constructed makes it so it cannot handle big waves. The front of the pontoon boat, or the bow, is very close to the water, if you were to go out into the ocean with 3 foot waves or more, water would be crashing over the bow easily and quickly flooding your boat, which can be very dangerous. Read More

A pontoon boat is a great boat because of the square footage there is on the deck. They are flat boats and they stay afloat buy way of two or three aluminum cylinders. Back in the day about 40 years ago the first pontoon boat was constructed, they made the pontoons by welding together barrels. There was a couple of down side to this those, one that many of these barrels would contains oils, which would make it extremely difficult to weld them together. The other major disadvantage to this is that they would weigh a lot, which would mean you would need a powerful motor if you ever wanted to reach a decent cruising speed. Read More

If you can’t afford to get your hands on a large pontoon boat, there is a cheaper route that you can take. These are called inflatable pontoon boats. They are called inflatable because that is exactly what they are, you inflate the pontoons and you can be on the water quickly. The assembly of these types of boats can take anywhere from about 8 to 15 minutes, so they are a huge time saver. They will come with a motor to inflate the boat in most cases, so there really is no hassle in the assembly. The advantage to this, is that it eliminates the use of a trailer, and it will be much easier to move your boat around, you also will not need to have the use of a boat ramp. Most inflatable pontoon boats can be stored in the back of a truck, or even in the back of a car trunk, which makes it very convenient for moving around. Read More

Here I will go over some of the activities that you can perform on a pontoon boat. If you aren’t sure of what you can do then this is definitely the post for you to read. Pontoon boats can be fun for both friends and family, probably the most fascinating thing that you can do is to party. Pontoon boats have been known for being party boats forever. Since they have lots of room, there is plenty of space for small refrigerators, dinner tables, T.V’s and much more. You can install speakers, CD and tape players, and much more for a fun night or day on the water.

You could also pull up on a beach for a cookout, do some swimming also. There are even some types of pontoon boats that come with sunroofs, some of the sunroofs can even have a slide on them, so that you will be able to slide right into the water. If you have a pontoon boat that has a little bit of speed to it, they can be great for all types of water sports. You can do some water skiing or surfing behind the boat, or anything else that you can think of. Read More

In todays post I will be going over the speed that pontoon boats can reach. See most people think that a pontoon boat cannot reach great speeds, but the fact is that they can, even up to 60 miles per hour. There are many types out there are capable of reaching these high speeds, but the thing is it will depend on how the boat is constructed. See they will either come with two pontoons, or they will come with three, let me go over the purpose of these then that will explain how we can get these flat boats to reach very high speeds. Read More

Hi my name is Sam, and I am an expert on pontoon boats. I have been around them all of my life and I am here to talk about them and tell you a thing or two about them. I will guide you through the ins and outs of pontoon boats, the kinds of pontoon boats that there are and the best way for you to use them, and how different ones have different uses. Read More