Jan 8

In todays post I will be going over the speed that pontoon boats can reach. See most people think that a pontoon boat cannot reach great speeds, but the fact is that they can, even up to 60 miles per hour. There are many types out there are capable of reaching these high speeds, but the thing is it will depend on how the boat is constructed. See they will either come with two pontoons, or they will come with three, let me go over the purpose of these then that will explain how we can get these flat boats to reach very high speeds.

If a pontoon boat has a frame with 2 pontoons, then the boat is particularly made for cruising. You can reach very high speeds like this if you have the right outboard motor equipped on the boat. But the best way to get a pontoon going fast, is to purchase on that has three pontoons, this will create very good aerodynamics for the boat, and you will be able to achieve very high speeds this way. The only downside to getting a triple pontoon frame is that they are lot more expensive than the ones that come with only two, they are a lot more rare too but you can find them if you do a little searching on the internet.

What it is all going to boil down to in the end is the size and quality of the motor that you will have on the pontoon boat. This is very critical, and since most all pontoon boats use outboard motor, or motors, this will be what you need to haul some ass. Before you go out and spend a bunch of money on an expensive outboard motor, make sure that you boat can handle the weight of the outboard motor. This can be found out by looking at your owner’s manual.

Now that you have a fast pontoon boat, now what is there to do with it. You can not go out in the ocean with a fast pontoon boat because of the design, but you can shred some water pretty fast inshore. This will be very great for water sports, such as skiing behind the boat at high speeds can be a blast. Just be careful because at very high speeds this can get very dangerous, so do not over do it or some serious injury could occur. If you do a search on a couple of video sites, particularly you tube you will see that there are many pontoon boats that can achieve very high speeds. There are many videos on there that will show you that these flat boats can reach high speeds. Just remember that the design of the boat will have a great factor in how fast your boat will be able to go, if you have 2 pontoons under the deck you can still go fast with the right motor, but if you have 3 pontoons under the deck you will be able to achieve maximum speeds with your pontoon boat.

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